4 Simple Ways To Use Healing Vibes!

Hello Vibe(rs),

Healing vibes is one of our trusted products.

This roll-on can be used for so much!

Here are 4 simple yet great ways to use this product.

By the way...

*Essential oils are the life force of nature: concentrated plant energy found in the roots, stems, leaves and bark of plants.*


When you apply an essential oil blend to your skin, essential oils enter your bloodstream directly through your hair follicles and the tissue in between your cells.

4 Ways!

1. To help remove stress and or tension. Also headache relief.

Suggestion: Apply oil on temples (which is a pulse point) as well as your hands.

(I personally apply on one hand, then rub both of my hands together. I then love to

cup mu hands together and breathe in deeply- my absolute favorite!)

2. Help maintain good digestion and aid of nausea.

Suggestion: Apply oils on abdomen (this is also good for bloating)

3. Help aid in chest relief, during cold or flu. Even a simple cough.

Suggestion: Apply directly on chest. Also the feet (lagrest pores of the body) to really help aid healing of sickness.

4. Get calm, cool, and collected. Get focused!

Suggestion: Apply hands (cup method) and apply of wrist. (great way hidden place to still get a good smell while moving.

There are so much more benefits in using this roller blend. Especially if blended with CBD.

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